Anica Gračanica (ex_amfora) wrote in feminist_anger,
Anica Gračanica

no lo entiendo...

I am posting here, because...I'm well...not furious, but slightly pissed.. (Yes, I said y'all's. Get over it :P)
Ok, well.. today I was in the library looking up social issues that affect the latino community, when I came across a book (I didn't get a chance to look at the title, because I was in such shock at its contents.)

The book said that Latino girls get pregnant more often than... white girls because of three reasons. a)they are more promiscuous b)have less access to contraceptives and c)are more willing to accept their role as women.

Ummm excuse me, what was that supposed to mean? I read on, but the book did not explain. Can anyone interpret this for me? As a Latina, this...confuses me a bit. How exactly do we "accept our role as women" and what does this have to do with getting pregnant more easily?
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