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Two days in a row, guys. This has got to be some kind of record...

Ok, so.. I was under the impression was now ok for women to have sex? (you know what I mean by 'ok')
I was wrong. At least here, in Columbus Ohio.
I am currently a freshman enrolled for summer quarter, at OSU...I am staying in a dorm, and as is normal, there is some *SEXUAL ACTIVITY* in this dorm.
Today, in the evening, two people (directly above me were having sex) The girl was OBVIOUSLY enjoying herself--as her shrieks told.
The four girls I was with were gossiping her, calling her a whore,laughing at her, AND NOBODY MENTIONED THE GUY.
First of all, not only is sex NORMAL at this age, but if you are backwards enough to be against it, shouldn't you condemn both parties?
Nobody said anything about the guy, it was all "THAT GIRL IS SUCH A WHORE. *whipser whisper*"
I happen to know her, and they have been dating for eight months. A whore, she is not. She is in a committed relationship. What am I missing here? Where is the whore factor?
That's all...

I wish you all much joy, and many sex partners,
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